Hi! This December has flown by! This isn’t really a good thing to me because this is (cue the music…) the most wonderful time of the year! So here are some photos and highlights from my December so far. Obviously cuddling with my dog Maxi is always nice 🙂 but I will admit how difficult it was to get this picture…she would not stop wiggling. She just has a LOT of energy.  I went to… View Post

“There’s a storm coming, Harry” -Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix That quote is my favorite line to say from the Harry Potter series, because I love saying  it in Hagrid’s voice 🙂 Anyways, today a big snowstorm hit! As long as we aren’t driving anywhere, than I really like snowstorms. Outside every window looks so picturesque with the snow falling and the trees coated. And the BEST part is…we had… View Post

“Seasons change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry” -Simon and Garfunkel I love winter. Even though sometimes it’s so cold you feel like your face is about to fall off, I still love it. There’s something so cozy about being all bundled up, and wearing sweaters and tights, and drinking hot chocolate that is so appealing to me. It’s already January 25 and before you know it, it will be spring, then summer,… View Post

Hello! I hope you had a good Christmas! Mine was great, and I can’t wait to ring in 2013! Like everyone says, I can’t believe this year is over, it really flew by! It doesn’t feel like summer and the olympics or spring was very long ago. Now it’s  almost time to get used to the sound of “twenty-thirteen!” Here’s to a happy new year! My mom and I were shopping the other day, and… View Post

“It’s a magic carpet on a rail, never takes a rest. Flying through the mountains and the snow!” Hey guys! This shoot was so much fun, even though it was freezing cold out. So the train tracks near my house are used, but not very often. We didn’t expect to see a train and while we were taking pictures, I see this big light. There was a train coming toward us! Haha it wasn’t going… View Post