*Cue Thrift Shop by Macklemore* I’ve been wanting to write a thrift shop guide for a while so here it goes! Anyone who knows me knows I love thrift shopping. I scored this cashmere Diane Von Furstenberg dress for 6 dollars a couple weeks ago and then I looked it up online when I got home and found it’s retail value was $400. I was pretty pumped to say the least! You won’t find deals… View Post

“The French woman is not overdone in any way. The French woman fears nothing; she will go out without fixing her hair, with unpainted nails, and no makeup. Despite her apparent dishevelment, she remains elegant.” – Excerpt from Paris Street Style I adore everything and everything about the classic “French lifestyle”. Granted, I’ve never been to France (unfortunately) and I don’t even know anyone from France, but I’m talking about the Parisian lifestyle in the… View Post