I recently learned I’m a part of Generation Z, technically, which partly negates several things I’ve written about millennials with personal anecdotes. I guess I’m on the cusp, the first (or second, depending on which publication you read,) year of the new generation. So, claiming both, these are some of the things my two generations have in common: mirror selfies, mom jeans and a deep, conflicting, complex love of smartphones. Bringing those three things together,… View Post

{Wearing: Forever 21 top + skirt, sunnies from Half & Half Clothing Co, booties from Nordstrom Rack, KJP pearl necklace, purse from AMVETS // Photo creds: my cute boyfriend Dan} As the “I’m not perfect but my blog is” greeting card that my friend Laura sent me is sitting on my desk, staring me down, I come to you with a post about maxi skirts. I generally take a long time to come around to… View Post

{Wearing: vintage blazer, f21 button-down and earrings, american eagle denim, envy shoes, scarf from flower barn} Hey! So I’ve been busy recently with musical practices, and our musical this year is Footloose! I’m so excited, it has a lot of really good dancing and songs, and it should be a great show! Ok so, I have a confession. I hardly own any heels! I have a red really high pair for school dances, and a… View Post