We all have our favorite little spots in our homes. In my family’s house, I loved sitting on our side porch and sitting in a chair in the corner of our living room. We always have spots that are our favorites this little kitchen nook one of my favorite parts of my apartment. It was one of the things that struck me most when we first saw our apartment. I thought it was a really… View Post

“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” You know when you’re on Pinterest looking for a fitting quote for an Instagram caption? No, just me? Well I probably just took all of the depth out of that quote now but I found this quote and I really liked it. I don’t see art as just a painting or a sculpture, but it can be your life too. How you treat people, what… View Post

My favorite art gallery in Buffalo, the Burchfield Penney, just celebrated its 50th anniversary! The gallery is actually right next to and a part of my college, Buffalo State. They held a celebration event a few weeks ago that was open to the public so Dave and I went. All the exhibits were open and they had local musicians playing all around the museum. The art center is named and dedicated to Charles Burchfield, American… View Post