Interests are curious. We just claim things in this life. From an early age, our parents claim those things for us. We either go along with it until we like it or rebel until they let us quit. Eventually, we get to choose our own things. As someone who came of age along with the internet, the range of interests availible to me widened as I grew older and the internet grew more advanced. No… View Post

I’ve always considered myself a pretty bad speller. Definitely not a good one. Maybe I should amend that to mean average, but I’ll be honest, I spell-checked the word “amend” just now. However, when I sat down to write this headline, I started typing “buouyant” to try to figure it out. I could have hovered over it to fix it, but I deleted the characters and tried again. “Buoyant,” I typed, then Googled it and… View Post

So I’ve decided that I want to write a book. Here’s the thing, I’ve recently learned, about deciding that you want to write a book. In my head, I see two steps in this process. Step one was, of course, to decide to write a book. I needed to go through a lot just to make it to that first step. I needed to have time to dedicate to a book. I needed to feel… View Post