I didn’t think post-grad depression was going to affect me, or at least not as much as it has. I started to seriously fret about graduation and the passing of time and loss of childhood around my 21st birthday in September, came to terms with that as much as one can throughout the fall and winter, and by spring, I was excited to get on with my life. I daydreamed about all the hobbies I… View Post

“of course you swiped left on me,” I sent him in a blue bubble, smiling so giddily that I could tell everyone around me in the café was judging me in that way only café people do, with their procrastinating eyes latching onto anything more interesting than their work or book. I found him on Tinder, which surprised me. Didn’t seem much like his thing, but unfortunately I don’t think he was nearly as surprised… View Post

I feel, lately, like I’m bursting with poetry. Perhaps it’s all the alone time, or the reading, or the long drives out to green, sprawling fields on hot, sunny days, or the direct mission of healing that I’ve given myself since college. But pretty words and phrases and thoughts are swirling around my mind more than normal. Hopefully, I make something of it. I try to soak in the world through rose-colored lenses. Though my… View Post

Let me tell you about every morning for the past week or so. First, before morning gets its chance, I set an ambitious alarm or four the night before. 6:45 a.m., 6:50 a.m., 7:10 a.m. and (just in case) 7:30 a.m. I fall asleep sometime between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. to a blissful mental image of future me, waking up early, lacing those sneakers and running in the park, drowning out beautiful bird songs… View Post

I’ve spent the past few years pretty stressed out. I don’t think I necessarily noticed the stress. It came on gradually, as I started to take on more responsibilities at school, classes got harder, I would get a new job or internship or writing opportunity. I’d go hard and fast, burn out, break down, repeat. I felt dramatic when I complained — it’s only school?. My creativity would peter out. It’s probably pretty obvious to… View Post