I started the day off so strong. I woke up early, barely snoozed my alarm. I crawled out of bed and slipped into spandex gym clothes. I ran out the door, drove to the school gym, worked out moderately hard for 45 minutes and made it to class on time. Success! My professor canceled the two English classes I had with her today and one of my classes has optional attendance, so I planned on… View Post

Coffee shops are the most romantic public spaces. Inside a local independent coffee shop, the kind that’s been around since Starbucks and has its own decades-old character, using twinkle lights to decorate before every college freshman did, I sit with my hair falling in my face, huddled over a laptop making my best “stressed out” face. I am indeed stressed out, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t receive some satisfaction from pushing… View Post

I begin this post with a shocking outfit. No, it’s not the sweater and jeans, that’s pretty standard. But if you look closely at exhibit B, I am wearing, yes, actually wearing, practical shoes. Audience, please calm down!! I bought a pair of hiking boots on sale on Black Friday, mostly to please my mom, who’s been begging me to buy a pair since I first said, “I’m going on a walk.” I’m a staunch… View Post

12 cans of watermelon sparkling water, to be used as a mixer when appropriate. 1 quart of chocolate milk, because I forgot it existed until I saw it in the milk aisle. 1 quart of almond milk that will do once all the chocolate milk is gone. 1 loaf of bread. 1 bag of string cheese sticks. No coffee so I have an excuse to leave the house, at least once. 1 bag of chips,… View Post

Driving to school today, on my last first day of school ever (barring a possible grad school effort), I had to focus so much on not sliding off the road or spinning into another car that I didn’t even have time to get nostalgic. My flight from Ecuador arrived last evening, and prior to its arrival, I had to focus so much on not dying in a plane crash or something that I didn’t even… View Post