January 1 has come and gone. But I never thought January made sense as the start of the new year anyway. It’s still in the same season. December and January blend together with only the holidays to differentiate the two cold, snowy months. Things don’t start to look much different until March, which would be an acceptable month to begin the new year with. Or September, the obvious choice and month that school calendars choose… View Post

If my current snippet of life — Mar. 25, 2019 — was a collage on my bedroom wall, the usual glossy magazine spreads would be filled with sunny iPhone snapshots of residential city streets, lined with old, salt-covered cars and barren trees. Sun flares would hint at optimism, at sparking new life into bare branches that just suffered through a whole winter, with tiny buds still imperceptible to the camera. If the subject was me,… View Post

I started the day off so strong. I woke up early, barely snoozed my alarm. I crawled out of bed and slipped into spandex gym clothes. I ran out the door, drove to the school gym, worked out moderately hard for 45 minutes and made it to class on time. Success! My professor canceled the two English classes I had with her today and one of my classes has optional attendance, so I planned on… View Post

Coffee shops are the most romantic public spaces. Inside a local independent coffee shop, the kind that’s been around since Starbucks and has its own decades-old character, using twinkle lights to decorate before every college freshman did, I sit with my hair falling in my face, huddled over a laptop making my best “stressed out” face. I am indeed stressed out, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t receive some satisfaction from pushing… View Post

12 cans of watermelon sparkling water, to be used as a mixer when appropriate. 1 quart of chocolate milk, because I forgot it existed until I saw it in the milk aisle. 1 quart of almond milk that will do once all the chocolate milk is gone. 1 loaf of bread. 1 bag of string cheese sticks. No coffee so I have an excuse to leave the house, at least once. 1 bag of chips,… View Post