Coffee shops are the most romantic public spaces. Inside a local independent coffee shop, the kind that’s been around since Starbucks and has its own decades-old character, using twinkle lights to decorate before every college freshman did, I sit with my hair falling in my face, huddled over a laptop making my best “stressed out” face. I am indeed stressed out, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t receive some satisfaction from pushing… View Post

12 cans of watermelon sparkling water, to be used as a mixer when appropriate. 1 quart of chocolate milk, because I forgot it existed until I saw it in the milk aisle. 1 quart of almond milk that will do once all the chocolate milk is gone. 1 loaf of bread. 1 bag of string cheese sticks. No coffee so I have an excuse to leave the house, at least once. 1 bag of chips,… View Post

And just like that, two weeks of pictures, drinks, food, tanning, reading, stress, tears, smiles, calories, strained language barriers, bickering, dollar coins, atm withdrawals, texts, tweets, sunscreen, sunburn, hammock swinging, sweat, key fumbling, showers, packing, walking, hiking, music, panic, political conversations, people watching, street shopping, complaining, flying, obsessively checking for belongings, telling people we’re from Buffalo, NY where yes, it’s snowing, homesickness, FaceTime calls and mojitos later, we’re on our way home. I’ll remember everything… View Post

Traveling is supposed to change you. There’s a pressure to it, even. You’re expected to come back different. All everyone asks you about when they see you is, “how was it!?” and “tell me a story!” Several days into my first big girl trip, I did not feel any different. I felt tired and excited and tired from being so excited, and,most annoyingly, a looming pressure to make the most of all of this. This… View Post

A few days after I turned 21 in late September, I started a blog post. I filled it with photos from my birthday weekend, smiling with friends, listening to live music, but never posted it. I was about a month into a stressful semester at the time. If I looked closely, behind one photo was a stomach ache. Another hid juvenile disappointment that I couldn’t be out too late because I had to wake up… View Post