Hey guys! It’s mid-November and my Christmas tree is already up, don’t judge. It’s not fully decorated yet so I have saved a bit of the fun. One of my favorite little things I like to change periodically in my apartment is the coffee table display. I wanted to make a cuter display that was festive but simple for Christmastime. The mood struck to change my centerpiece yesterday, but I had just gotten home from… View Post

Hey guys! When I set out to start decorating my apartment, the living room came together in my head right away. I designed that in my head a million times and it was what I focused on most. The bedroom was another story, and I spent months trying to figure out what to put above the bed. I got the bedding on a whim I thought it was really cute and just went for it.… View Post

Hey guys! Halloween is just in a few days! This month really flew by. This is a pretty minimal Halloween/fall decorating guide because I don’t like to go to all-out on the decorations since our apartment is so small and I was on a budget. But if you want to see what I got and how I tried to incorporate fall into my apartment then  here it is! 1. A little bit of pumpkin spice This… View Post

Welcome to my apartment! Last month, my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment. It’s close to my college and his work and is the perfect little place. We searched for a really long time to find a place (I might do a post of tips for apartment hunting) but we finally found “the one” and have been settling in. I’ve become a little obsessed with decorating it and Pinterest has consumed my life… View Post