Summer, and all of its sneering sunshine and enticing activities, infects me with the worst feelings of FOMO. Every summer, like clockwork, my mind’s anxious gears spin with ideas. Every day is a day to not be wasted. This is the first Buffalo summer I’ve experienced where I’m not trying to make it to every band’s show that I’ve vaguely heard of before, or every festival, or every summer destination. But even so, I’ve had… View Post

I’ve spent the past few years pretty stressed out. I don’t think I necessarily noticed the stress. It came on gradually, as I started to take on more responsibilities at school, classes got harder, I would get a new job or internship or writing opportunity. I’d go hard and fast, burn out, break down, repeat. I felt dramatic when I complained — it’s only school?. My creativity would peter out. It’s probably pretty obvious to… View Post