A mostly chilly June in outfits, captured in mirrors

Wearing a red, stretchy Zara dress purchased for $19.99, with a red raw silk neck scarf and frizzy hair in a bun, unwashed from barre class. Wore this to a friend’s birthday dinner at a nice restaurant. Felt a little body-conscious because, in my massive wardrobe, this dress is probably one of only three form-fitting pieces I own, which all mostly collect dust.

And I paired it with vintage mules purchased second-hand and which I’ve already partially broken. I wear them anyways.

Wearing a new Zara shirt purchased on clearance. It’s forest green and cropped and slouchy, I sized up several sizes so it would slouch more. Paired with a long, sweater skirt, also from Zara, which is the bottom answer to my beloved cable knit sweaters, vintage mules and a borrowed hat from my new boyfriend. Wore this to see Spirited Away in theaters with my sister.

Wearing the same skirt, along with an oversized Free People crisp white long-sleeved shirt, red neck scarf and black Zara slides. I like Zara too much. Wore this to a coffee shop to write this blog post.

Quick selfie before leaving the house, in my roommate’s mirror.

Wearing the same hat, white Zara pants purchased full price but sadly spotted on clearance recently, a cheap Forever 21 top that I don’t expect to last past this summer, a black suede Free People belt that occasionally people make comments about that I should be in the country wrangling in horses, and my mom’s blue, patent bow-laced shoes. I’m exclusively using tote bags as purses because I haven’t unpacked my purses from the move. I can’t remember where I wore this.

Zara leave me alone! Wearing a black, shift Zara dress, hand-me-down green sweater from my mom, black slides. Wore this to go shopping and to dinner with my parents.

Wearing the same Zara cable knit sweater that I’ve been wearing since 10th grade, the same belt, over a Free People floral prairie dress bought on clearance, hand-me-down black sandals from my mom, and a real purse, bought from Goodwill or AMVETS. Wore this to hang out with the guy who owns that safari hat.

Wearing a vintage 60s dress picked up at a garage sale. This is the prettiest thing I own. I can barely breathe in it. I haven’t worn this anywhere because I will be devastated if I wear this somewhere disappointing for the first time. I rarely believe in saving outfits, but this is a saver.

Wearing a cable knit sweater bought for me by my roommate’s lovely mom, which makes it now one of my favorite things I own. Paired with the same white pants I’ve worn a million times this summer and stained, leather Frye boots. Probably wore this somewhere comfy, like to someone’s house or a cafe. But maybe to a bar, who knows. Not me, I should take better notes.

Wearing a classic outfit circa summer 2018, a yellow Zara skirt (jfc), hand-me-down blouse from my mom, the same mules I never take off.

Wearing a Free People blouse happily bought on clearance, and those white pants and mules. Wore this to go on a picnic, in one of those moments when you choose the exact right outfit for something. Great day.

Wearing a dress bought last year from Target, for the first time, to a friend’s happy hour on Lily’s birthday, the other person in the photo. We drank too much wine on this day. I think I changed.

Wearing a black dress thrifted from Goodwill, a thrifted neck scarf, the same belt. Almost wore this out with my mom, then she said I looked very fancy, so I changed. Also almost wore this to a wine bar, but didn’t go. This outfit still needs to see the light of day.

Wearing a Zara tank, Target bralette, same belt and vintage 60s shorts purchased at an antique shop, inspired by Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Immediately regretted wearing this the second I left the house, but there was no going back. Not all outfits are winners.

Wearing a secondhand vintage top of either a giraffe or dinosaur, white pants. I haven’t worn this out yet, but I’m looking forward to the day I do.

Wearing a Clinique face mask and borrowed NYS parks t-shirt. Wore this to bed.



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