Mid-year resolutions

January 1 has come and gone.

But I never thought January made sense as the start of the new year anyway.

It’s still in the same season. December and January blend together with only the holidays to differentiate the two cold, snowy months. Things don’t start to look much different until March, which would be an acceptable month to begin the new year with. Or September, the obvious choice and month that school calendars choose to be their fresh beginning, meaning we’re kind of conditioned to look at September as the start of something new.

But I’m choosing April 15 to be the start of my new something. Since I can’t declare a new holiday or switch up the Gregorian calendar, I suppose I will be the only one celebrating tomorrow. At least it’s a Sunday so I already have off work.

If I made resolutions back in January, I already forgot them. So here’s a list of resolutions for nearly post-grad life/summer/April (the one true month of transitions):

  • Read a book every two weeks. I’m really sprinting out of the gates with this one, but now that college is almost over for good and I’d prefer for my brain not to melt into mush, I shall begin tackling my laundry list of books that I’ve wanted to read over the past few years but had to forego because my brain was too full of words I had to read for class. I should probably start with all of the ones I’ve accumulated from late-night Amazon binges and hopeful Barnes & Noble runs, but if I’m being honest, I’ll probably buy some new ones. Can’t resist a good review.
  • Buy local fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, dairy, kombucha (now I’m just listing my grocery list) from farmers markets and the co-op and (and I cannot stress this enough) cook them. This has been a recurring resolution since moving out, but also one I’ve never been able to achieve thanks to laziness. Since there are fewer summertime activities that I enjoy more than dressing up in a cute *farmers market* outfit and bringing a basket around to buy things from local vendors, aka feel like I’m the leading lady of a French film, I anticipate doing a better job on this goal this summer. A striped tee and overalls are crucial to my success of this task.
  • Run at least three times a week. Ugh. Fine.
  • Do some sort of barre, yoga or pilates work-out, either at home or at a studio, three times a week. Blogilates, I give you permission to kill my arms again.
  • Freelance articles. While I’ve freelanced locally before during school, I’ve never reached out to any national or non-local publications with any of my ideas. I’m hoping to freelance a good amount this summer, so hopefully, the crippling rejection and tax organization doesn’t spook me much.
  • Get into film photography. I’d like to get back into photography in general and stop relying so much on my admittedly quite good iPhone camera. While my good old DSLR could use some more love again, I’m going to cheat on it with a cheap film camera. I don’t have one yet, but I’m on the lookout. Related: I’d like to learn how to develop photos in a darkroom.
  • Learn how to embroider. Everyone I know: you have permission to roll your eyes. For some reason, I have this idea that embroidery is extremely easy. Nothing about it looks easy and I’ve never heard anyone say it’s easy so this idea is probably unrooted from reality, but while my knitting attempts have been futile, embroidery seems promising to me. Really, I just want beautiful embroidered dresses without having to shell out a lot of money on Etsy. And I could probably use a hobby that doesn’t involve my laptop.
  • Meditate. I’ll admit it, this list is getting a little too Pollyanna for even me, but alas, I need to chill tf out. Guided meditation is supposed to help with that. So I’ll take what I can get.
  • Keep a more organized calendar/to-do list system. I’ve been trying to improve on this during the semester by keeping a bright yellow journal that I write my tasks and meetings in, but I could stand to improve a lot, namely by writing in handwriting I can actually read and actually checking and updating my journal each day.
  • Not take all of this too seriously because seriously, I need to chill tf out.
  • Chill tf out.

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