Productivity update: A boring day doing boring (necessary) things

My day’s happiness is directly correlated with how much I like my outfit.

9 a.m. I wake up refreshed to the alarm I set the night before, reminding me to get up and run.

10 a.m. I wake up from my congratulatory nap for actually waking up to my last alarm.

11:00 a.m. I’m still in bed. I decide I won’t go for a run today. I’ll just do it tomorrow, I say, even thought I’ll likely wake up a touch hungover.

11:10 a.m. Fine, I’m going to run!! I have nearly no socks. I guess I’ll also do laundry.

11:35 a.m. I pull into Delaware Park, dressed in raggedy work-out clothes. I couldn’t be bothered to find my decent running clothes. They’re probably in the laundry.

12:05 p.m. If my workout clothes didn’t give away that I hadn’t done this whole running thing in a while, my gait did.

12:15 p.m. The snow at the park has gone from a tiny sprinkling to a full-on whiteout. I regret not pulling out actual work-out clothes as I pass prepared joggers, looking like I just rolled out of bed. I mean, I did.

12:30 p.m. I did it! I’m home. I stretch and hop in the shower. I’m elated.

1:15 p.m. I meet my dad, sister and her boyfriend for coffee at Barnes and Noble. We chat about politics, Twitter, journalism and memories for hour.

4:30 p.m. I continue my productivity with a thoughtful grocery run to Trader Joe’s. I found pre-made soups, salads and risotto. I buy Canadian maple syrup and steel cut oats. I stock up on sparkling water and lunch snacks. I buy fruits and vegetables. I feel proud that I won’t eat out or eat Cheerios for dinner this week. The cashier compliments my outfit. This day just gets better and better.

5:00 p.m. I arrive home and unpack my groceries. I switch over my laundry. I open a bottle of watermelon of kombucha.

6 p.m. I have procrastinated my homework as long as possible, but I must begin. Wish me luck.


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