How to spend a day off (realistically)

How I generally like to spend my days off, so I avoid doing every single thing listed below at my apartment.

You have a day off.

It’s a rare occurrence, actually having uninterrupted free time. I mean, it’s not totally uninterrupted. There’s that piece due, and you really should text your family/friends/that person you said you’d meet up with that you’ve been waiting for a free minute to see.

What about those articles piling up in your to-read list? Weren’t you going to finish that book, the one you’re reading half a chapter at a time? Pretty sure Trump did something today, you should probably check Twitter.

But really, it’s a day off.

Maybe you’ll watch a mov- oh how did you let all those clothes pile on the floor? Didn’t you just pick those up a couple days ago? Must you really put on an entire fashion show of five different outfits before choosing (more than likely the wrong) one? Your plants are looking a little wilt-y, how long has it been? You should probably take care of that. I noticed a few emails in your inbox, when do you plan to get to those? Did you eat yet — you have no food — maybe a grocery trip is in order.

You don’t have many socks left in this drawer… soon you’ll have to resort to those too-long or not-exactly-matched or too-worn or too pink socks you never throw out. It’s probably time for some laundry. When did you last wash the bedding?

What’s everyone up to? It’s only been three minutes and 42 seconds since you last checked Instagram. Twitter? At least your phone is too slow to load Snapchat. Answer your emails.

What about running? That would be productive. 87 degrees? Okay, you’re off the hook for that one. Yoga? People pay for yoga in these temperatures.

You sure haven’t written a blog post in a while…

Let’s go get a coffee.


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