Let’s Talk: Lives I’d like to live

This is my “things are getting mighty personal” face.

On the way back from a recent weekend trip to Lake Placid, I jotted down a post idea in my phone. This happens probably every day, whether it’s a serious story idea, a funny blog post idea, or anything in between. Most of the time, the ideas stay in my notes app (rip to all the things I haven’t written/maybe never will) but sometimes, they get revisited, and written. Ba ba ba da! This is one of those times:

“All the different lives I’d like to live”

Aaaaand go:

  • The woman who lives in a tiny country cottage, in the hills, with a farm, who cooks a lot, has beautiful gardens and everything she owns is floral-patterned and looks like it’s from Anthropologie but is actually from a locally-owned cooperative in her Swedish village.

More than likely inspired by a mix of filtered, beautiful Pinterest photos I’ve pinned, wilderness-y Tumblr-y accounts on Instagram, my rose-colored lenses on that time I had chickens as a kid and the one I never ever let leave my arms (a surprisingly domestic chicken, really) and the ever-going thought of escaping to the country.

Level of eagerness to live this life: (8/10)

Reasons this probably won’t be me: I’m a workaholic who likes Starbucks and the internet too much. Also, I know nothing about Sweden.

  • The mom of eight kids who teaches yoga and Pilates on the side of running an adorable cafe; whose kids are amazing ballerinas and writers and valedictorians and artists, who drink green juice and cooks nearly exclusively Mediterranean food.

Inspired by the things I wanted to be great at as a child.

Level of eagerness to live this life: (5/10)

Reasons this probably won’t be me: Expecting that much can’t be very good for children’s mental health. I’m pretty bad at yoga. And I don’t really know where the Mediterranean food part came from, that’s yet to happen once in my two-decade life. Although, I could possibly learn, hello olive oil and mozzarella cheese.

  • Successful city slicker residing in Manhattan’s upper east side, where I spend my days writing, editing and drinking copious amounts of sugary coffee drinks without gaining weight.

This one’s easy to trace. Back to my middle school days of visiting NYC, watching high-heeled women stroll the streets of the concrete jungle, imagining they’re on their way to an extremely important meeting or to get a glass of prosecco at a cool wine bar. And Gossip Girl.

Level of eagerness to live this life: (9.25/10)

Reasons this probably won’t be me: I’m messy. Heels hurt. And let’s be real, these caramel macchiatos aren’t without consequences forever. The day I drink my coffee black will be a sad, sad day.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “I Don’t Know How She Does It.”

Level of eagerness to live this life: (teetering between sure and oh boy).

Reasons this probably won’t be me: It’s a dramatized romantic comedy, although the running to-do list in her head and frantic amounts of running around are highly relatable. Also, I know nothing about law or investments or stocks or whatever it was she does in that movie. Although, out of everyone, probs most likely.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear which lives you will never, might or probably will live. Leave a comment!

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