OOTD: Short shirt and a loooong maxi

{Wearing: Forever 21 top + skirt, sunnies from Half & Half Clothing Co, booties from Nordstrom Rack, KJP pearl necklace, purse from AMVETS // Photo creds: my cute boyfriend Dan}

As the “I’m not perfect but my blog is” greeting card that my friend Laura sent me is sitting on my desk, staring me down, I come to you with a post about maxi skirts.

I generally take a long time to come around to trends. Not all, but when maxi skirts and dresses made a comeback a few years ago, I was skeptical. Similar to crop tops, which I’m also wearing, I thought “those aren’t going to last, I’ll stick to my short skirts, thank you very much.”

Here we are, maxi skirts lasted and for good reason. They’re comfortable, airy, don’t leave you in constant panic that it’s too short or riding up. As of this year, I own several. A few pleated, paisley Goodwill buys and this Forever 21 skirt. The outfit possibilities excite me, so far I’ve stuck to a basic pairing with a cropped shirt, but I’m excited to see what I can do with belting sweaters, scarves and different kinds of over the knee boots in the fall. Not that I should get too ahead of myself…

So far, summer has been great. I’ve never had a crazier schedule but I’m not hating it. Perhaps I wake up at ungodly times every morning. Perhaps that 4 am walk to my car really brings out every episode of dramatic primetime TV crime shows I’ve ever seen. Perhaps I fall asleep easier than a baby on a car ride, at pretty much any hour of day. But it’s been good. I’m noticing improvements in my work from just writing/reading constantly. And I don’t have as much time to worry about little things, a thought game my brain finds so fun and addicting, because I just simply don’t want to put forth the mental effort.

My coworker at the greenhouse I work at (it’s as lovely a job as it sounds) is very wise, and said one of those phrases you hear all the time but forget to internalize: it’s all about your attitude. And I realized that she’s right. Having a positive outlook and attempting to remember as often as you can how lucky you are to be here, to be working and able, and to have things in your life that you only once dreamed of puts it in perspective. Then, all the hours don’t seem so bad.

And I still find time for the things I enjoy most: going on walks with a Starbucks order in hand, reading, going to eat amazing food at great places, reading, blogging, seeing friends and family when I can, oversharing on the internet. People don’t really read this, right? 😉

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Love, Francesca


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