An afternoon of the Botanical Gardens, sushi, floral patterns and a picnic

{Wearing: Urban Outfitters dress, Target bandana, sunglasses from Anna Grace, mules from Shoefly, purse from street vendor in NYC}

The headline for this post was almost “Lunch at the museum not starring Ben Stiller” until I realized that really doesn’t make sense at all, does it?

My partner in crime Laura and I spent a free afternoon at the Botanical Gardens, having a picnic. It was an impromptu plan. I realized I had a break for a few hours in between jobs and figured spending the morning on a picnic was probably better than spending it in bed, and it was. The Botanical Gardens is the perfect backdrop for a picnic and catch-up, as patrons of the Gardens rarely venture into the outside area we set up camp at. Sushi from the Lexington Co-op, cheese, crackers, strawberries and chips and guac became our brunch as we chatted about life, watching seagulls circle us hoping to sweep in for some of that cheese. Or sushi, who am I to assume how cultured they are? These are Botanical Gardens seagulls after all.

I’m wearing a floral dress I got on clearance a few months ago from Urban Outfitters. It’s exactly like a dress I would have worn when I was five to church, or like a dress I would have put on my American Girl doll. And I love it even more for that. The 90s are back and no one can stop them!

Once we finally entered the Gardens, they were as beautiful as usual. I ordered a water bottle, because it’s a bajillion degrees inside, and couldn’t open it. Neither could Laura. We tried for a solid five minutes, awkwardly making eye contact with strangers to see if they’d notice our problem and come to the rescue. No one did, so I went to return the bottle for a new one. Of course, to get there I had to wait for ticket buyers to subside, then just as I forced my way in, a woman was like “let me see that” and in one try, opened it. Needless to say, she was Wonder Woman or I’m weak. Probably the former.

We’re Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

Love, Francesca


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