OOTW: Wide-leg pants, denim skirt, neutral colors

{Wearing: Zara wide-leg pants, Free People silky crop tank, Indie Twenty necklace and ring, Born in California mules}

Wide-leg pants: the chic-est sweatpant known to womankind. They are the elusive cool kid of clothing. On one hand, they say “What figure?” but in another way, they practically embody Betsey Johnson’s quote of how girls don’t dress for boys, they dress for themselves. I always respected the gaucho-like pant but never desired to integrate a pair into my wardrobe. What would I wear it with? (Crop tops, anyone?) What would people at school think? (Another reason to not miss high school, no faux-fashion police announcing to the room when you walk in not wearing the standard Aeropostale branded t-shirt uniform).

Anyways, I’m here to say I’ve bought a pair. And they’re looovely. They are the softest pair of socially-acceptable-to-leave-the-house-in-probably-pajama pants I’ve ever owned.

ALSO! This post is the first in a new series on the blog called “outfits of the week.” It’s not revolutionary, but I’ll be sharing quick iPhone mirror selfies of my outfits from most days and chat about them. Now, you’ll all know how much I truly outfit repeat. It’s a lot. Usually multiple days in a row. Evidence one: the photos in these pants were from two different days. Since I don’t always have time for a full shoot of an outfit, this is a great way for me to update more and spend more time doing what I love: writing about clothes. I’ve started working at a greenhouse, the same one my closest friend Laura works at, and the other day we talked about jeans for a very long time. Granted, a greenhouse is a wonderful place for discussion because it’s just you, them and the plants. Very serene. More like Laura listened to me jabber on about whether or not I should buy a pair of jeans for hours, weighing all the pros and cons, while being very attentive like the good friend she is. Jury is still out on the jeans.

{Wearing: Zara denim skirt, Forever 21 crochet halter top, thrifted hat, Indie Twenty necklace, Sam Edelman booties}

This denim skirt has snuck its way into many of my outfits since I got it. It’s very high-waisted and long enough, not to mention actually extremely comfortable. Since it’s denim, it pairs with pretty much everything. I wasn’t sure I’d wear the crochet top much and almost refrained from buying it, but then after realizing I often buy variations of the same item over and over again, it could make an interesting addition to my closet, and it is. Colorful, crochet, mostly open back tops are not something I normally would gravitate toward but I actually foresee getting a lot of wear out of it.

Breakfast at Five Points (homemade toast with peanut butter, apples and cinnamon) with the good ol’ Times.

There’s that denim skirt again.

{Wearing: Urban Outfitters top + pants, thrifted cardigan, Born in California mules, thrifted neck scarf}

I wore this outfit to go garage sale-ing with my Dad. It was a nice day, bright sunshine but not too hot, although I ended up wearing my cardigan off the shoulders and burned my chest and shoulders terribly. These wide-leg pants are… wide. Their parachute waist drew me in and the fact that they’re a statement. White t-shirt and mules are all you need to add to make a stylish look. They also might be totally terrible, but eh, I like them.

Lastly, this white Zara dress. No words. Its long length, soft material, cinched waist and big buttons running down the middle is all just right. I paired it some Lucky Brand chunky heeled sandals and bohemian jewelry. This dress is a blank slate for many accessories, shoes and jackets so I’m excited to re-style it again and again. Thinking a neck scarf (who’s surprised), booties, jean jacket off the shoulder and chunky belt. For fall, possibly a think, cropped sweater and over the knee boots. Possibilities are endless.

Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader 


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