Life Lately: Oh summer I’ve missed you

Some photos from a Made Violent show at Mowhawk place a couple weeks ago. I was very sick and very stressed but this actually made me feel much better, plus the chicken fingers Dan and I got after.

Heyyy friends!

Here are some photos of life I slapped a filter on to make look artsier! These are some fun times, but if we’re being honest here (and we’re always being honest here) most of my last few months have looked like this: classes, meetings, me with my laptop eating mac and cheese in Panera Bread, me thinking I should probably eat a vegetable and less mac and cheese, me at my internship (which has been awesome), me at work, me on my laptop, and a lot more of me on my laptop. I am married to this thing.

“Doozey” is one way to describe this last semester. Between classes, my school news org, making money, freelancing and my internship I was spread a little thin but, hey, what else would I be doing. Some happy news: My internship, WGRZ, offered me a temporary part-time job on the digital desk for the summer! I’ll be posting on social media, writing web stories, monitoring for story ideas, editing social videos and all that good stuff. I’ll also be interning at the local NPR station, WBFO, working at a greenhouse and freelance writing about restaurants for The Buffalo News Gusto and still writing guides for Step Out Buffalo. Working in journalism has been my dream for years (throwback to old blog posts when I dream out loud about it incessantly, something I do often) so I’m super excited to be immersing myself in it.

Every time I read through my old blog posts, they say “I’m so busy right now” and “here are some tips on dealing with stress because clearly, I know” which makes me think two things. Sit down, younger me, you’re not as busy as you think you are, just wait. And also, sit down, current me, you’re not as busy as you think you are, just wait. Based on how the trend goes.

Anxiety manifests itself differently all the time and sometimes it may feel like I’m drowning in stress, other times I feel great and like I could easily take on five more things. And honestly, perspective has a lot more to do with that than purely external factors.

Take, for example, the other day when I woke up, put on a new tank top, light wash jeans and suede booties. I hadn’t checked the weather but it had been nice for a few days, it might have looked a bit overcast. After getting out of my car and ready to go have an intellectual discussion of feminist readings in my sociology class, it started sprinkling. Then pouring. Then it poured and poured for my entire 15-minute walk to class. After being stopped by this less-than-pleasant girl from my anthropology class (“Where’s your umbrella?” she asked incredulously) I marched on, sat down in the hallway waiting for class to start, dripping in rain, and laughed. It was pretty funny after all. Yes, it took an hour to dry and I was soaking wet for most of my class, but it wasn’t something that could break my mood. Answering emails induced so many more negative feelings in me than getting drenched in rainwater.

Now, it’s summer, and collectively as a city, Buffalo is happier. Seasonal depression is real and boy, do we have it. Walking through the Elmwood Village this weekend, I couldn’t help but just stare at all the trees. “The leaves are so beautiful” I kept saying, and Dan asked how much I had to drink. Genuinely, it’s been so long since I’ve seen leaves. So, now that it’s summer, and quality of life is soaring upwards, here’s a list of things I want to do/can do this summer.

List of things I want to do now that it’s summer and I have a little more time for life:

  • Running/Biking — Genuinely, I enjoy running. It’s really not a bad form of exercise, you get to be outside, blow off some energy and catch up on podcasts. I will start a regular running schedule. I will start a regular running schedule. Someone get Dolores Umbridge to carve this into my hand. I also need to use my bike more, but sacrificing jean skirts and dresses to bike everywhere will be hard.
  • Reading — Oh books and long-form articles how I’ve missed you. After I sleep for a few days and recharge, I will finally pick up some of those books collecting dust on my ladder shelf. We’re almost there.
  • Drinking coffee on patios — Weirdly specific but if there’s one thing I love, it’s bringing my laptop bff and sitting in the sun, injecting my body with caffeine and sunburn, all at once.
  • Go to concerts — I try to do this during the semester but there aren’t as many shows and also I always kick myself when I go out on a Tuesday and I have to be up early plus work on homework. (Nerd.)
  • Wear adventurous clothes — Every season has its fun set of clothes, and its boring set of clothes and for now, I feel I’ve thoroughly exhausted my winter wardrobe. Dresses, jumpsuits, tank tops, neck scarves, oh how I’ve missed you too.
  • Update this thing more — Writing on this blog is one of the most therapeutic activities I do yet I never do it enough. I have a list of post ideas piling up in my phone and I will be cranking those out, I promise.

Snaps from an impromptu day trip to Rochester. We checked out the George Eastman and Contemporary art museums as well as a couple coffee shops, a cute restaurant and an awesome coffee shop/brewery, where Dan drank the whole menu and I had a bunch of kombucha, typical.

Geneseo with my two favorite people, Laura + Lily. We danced and screamed along to songs, drinking a lot of punch, and all contracted the flu, but totally worth it.

1. I have managed to keep these and a bunch of other plants alive, so that’s a cause for celebration. // 2. OOTD I thrifted most of that outfit that morning. // 3. A magazine haul from Barnes and Noble prompting me to speculate starting a mag someday… // 4. A noble thrift find.

Shots from a cool bar/restaurant, The Tabernacle.

Date night at Coco for Buffalo’s Restaurant Week. It was very romantic, very good, the dessert was served with a flower and it was even Dan’s idea.

I’ve started freelancing for The Buffalo News Gusto and yes, I’m extremely excited about it. My first story ran a few weeks ago and seeing it in print was even cooler than I thought it would be.

Bored me saying ‘sup.

1. See, my plants are alive! // 2. The Pink, in daylight, it exists. // 3. I heart string lights. // 4. Hi.

Trimania, a crazy art/music/dance festival thing at the Tri-Main center. It happens every 3 years and I volunteered to bartend all night, for the first time ever. Happy to report I poured the beer perfectly, even if some guy still tried to show me how, naturally… (that giant blanket fort though)

For the last week of my Channel 2 internship I was on Daybreak and got to go on this fun little adventure: zip lining at Niagara Falls. I was shaking in my boots but it was pretty awesome (even did it twice). Fun fact: the owner told me Kelly Rippa did it last year and was super nervous but was a champ, so I chanted “Kelly Rippa” the entire ride. Twice. Not a joke.

Beach life! Fun! Wow! The Outer Harbor is one of my favorite places in Buffalo, very private and secluded and perfect for beachside gossiping sessions with you best friend. My suit is from ASOS and it’s as comfortable as it is cute.

Finished up my internship this day. Didn’t actually shoot anything with the mic myself but at least I got to hold it for these sweet pics 🙂


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