OOTD: Green is the new black

A few of my new cacti ūüėÄ

{Necklaces by Indie Twenty, jacket from Anna Grace, top + pants + mules from Urban Outfitters, pin from Penzey’s Spices, sunglasses from Shoefly Buffalo}

I visited the most beautiful place on earth and my wonderful boyfriend took a bunch of pictures (without even complaining, proud of u) so there is an influx of photos in this post, be warned.

Saturday in Buffalo reached 50 degrees so of course, I cranked out of my shoulder-baring shirt and sandals and lived it up like it was summer. Good thing this greenhouse was toasty warm. Social media is my holy grail for finding new places to check out, whether I’m traveling or more often than not, just looking for something new to explore here. Lauren from Step Out Buffalo found the most beautiful little farm called Angle Acres with a few greenhouses filled to the brim with all kinds of spiky cacti, lush trees, unique hanging plants and¬†tiny succulents, and I knew I¬†immediately needed to check it out. I wanted to take outfit pictures for a new blog post but was nervous about taking some here because I wasn’t sure if it would be too small and awkward, workers would be staring at me, people would be annoyed in the background of the photos — the usual risks of taking photos in public. It was between here and the Botanical Gardens, which I go to occasionally for photos, but I thought if we went to a greenhouse I could leave with some plants and fulfill my dream of turning my room into a small forest (work in progress but give me a month and a half,) and ended up leaving with three cacti and one tiny potted succulent, needless to say, I love them. As for the photos, it ended up being the perfect photo spot, because there is so much plant life that there are plenty of places to hide for photos and there are multiple greenhouses on the already pretty quiet farm to take pictures in peace. Plus, everyone is super friendly.

My necklaces, kindly gifted to me by Rachel from Indie Twenty Jewelry, have barely left my neck since she sent them to me. I appreciate jewelry and love having it, but it’s never been the type of thing I go out and buy a lot of. Once I have a few pieces, I pretty much just wear them all the time. My jewelry collection has been in need of a bit of updating and Rachel’s necklaces are the perfect addition. There’s something about gold layered necklaces that elevate¬†an outfit.

Since I’m in college and only working part-time, I try not to shop for clothes too much. This may be hard to believe, but I try to just thrift shop for things, shop my own closet and save money for essential things, like expensive daily coffees, concert tickets and corn flakes (the essentials). However, I threw this to the wind the past few weeks and decided to treat myself to some spring/summer items I’ve had my eye on for a while to update my wardrobe. Sometimes I get buyer’s remorse, but I’m actually thrilled with my most recent purchases. Cute crop tops to be worn with high-waisted pants and skirts, pants that could be worn to the beach or office, depending on how you style them, swimsuits and shorts. It’s not uncommon for me to splurge on cute dresses and forget about everything else, so these will round out my wardrobe nicely. I went through and gave some items I don’t wear much anymore a new home, which I find deeply cathartic, and made a little space for my new buys. Could probably make some more space, but hey, I’ll never be the girl with the ten-piece minimalist closet, and that’s okay.

The best part about this place? Roaming with friendly cats and a big, relaxed, brown dog just waiting to be petted.

My sunglasses got stuck in my hair and Dan turned it into an abstract photograph.

Poor Dan just wanted to pet the cats, but this one wasn’t having it.

God Only Knows – The Beach Boys



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