Life lately: Taking in the little moments

Stumbled upon this vintage car bursting with flowers in Soho and now I have a new favorite photo.

Hello, friends!

This week is my spring break, and I’m writing this from a warm, tropical beach… in the middle of my imagination. I’m writing this in Buffalo and Buffalo hasn’t figured out it’s supposed to be spring yet.

But it’s okay because I’ve taken the week to mostly catch up on my writing and schoolwork and sorta relax. Give me a few days off and all of a sudden I’ll go on runs, eat regular meals, buy too many things on the internet, it’s been great.

The time off has given me a moment to appreciate everything I have, whether I’m running around like a chicken, or relaxing by mindlessly scrolling through my laptop, or thrift shopping. Those are the three things I’m most likely to be doing.

Small moments that make me feel happy to be alive:

  • Those moments in between stressing about your to-do list, when you forget about it for a minute and unknowingly let your mind drift to more interesting topics
  • The moment you hit “publish” or “send” on something you worked hard on and re-reading it to appreciate your work, before thinking about the next task
  • The times you eat thin mint cookies or ice cream or mac and cheese without guilt, because feeling guilty about it takes away all the fun
  • Ordering a chocolate covered strawberry latte instead of your usual medium roast coffee

Meet my new plant family. Yes, they all have names and I’m trying really hard to keep them alive.

Valentine’s Day was great this year. I worked all day and came home at midnight to Dan bringing me mozzarella sticks and flowers, then we went out that weekend for tiny Japanese food and a massive chocolate cake.

  • When your online order comes in the mail and you haven’t had a chance to see if anything fits yet, the package is in your hands while you bubble with excitement
  • The one item in your online order that fits even better than you expected (making the two that don’t really fit at all worth it)
  • Seeing tweet, meme or Instagram post you completely relate to, and send to your friend who you know will love it just as much as you do
  • A checking-in text from your mom or dad

A few shots from Revolution Gallery, a pop-surrealism gallery that a woman I’m doing a feature story on opened. They have a sick jukebox, live music and weekly yoga.

  • When someone genuinely laughs, hard, at something you showed them, instead of a polite “haha”
  • Looking down at your outfit to realize most of it’s thrifted, except your one very expensive piece you’ve worn enough for it to be worth it, and knowing that sometimes you don’t completely waste all your money while shopping
  • Finding your favorite anything, and knowing that at least (right now) it’s your favorite. I.e. magazine, phrase, coworker, photo, song, bag
  • Talking about something you’re interested in with someone who’s actually listening
  • Listening to someone talk about something they’re truly interested in

1. Dan makes the best breakfasts. 2. A giant tub of buttery popcorn made The Post a little better (I love this kind of movie usually but I found it quite dry). 3. A tiny part of my bedroom wall collage. 4. Hoyt Lake always looking beautiful.

Mirror selfies at a friend’s gig we were both photographing. That’s not my camera, but I wish it was.

My parents are my favorite dinner dates.

  • Having at least something figured out
  • A full, cold water bottle
  • The moment in a cafe when your coffee is still hot, your laptop is open, ready and plugged in, your phone is charging and texts are all answered, your bag and books are arranged so they’re not taking up potential seats for others and you don’t have to pee yet
  • Having enough time in the morning to stop and get a coffee, then the first sip when it’s just the right temperature
  • Being in a good enough mood to let things roll off your back
  • Listening to a solid sad playlist, under the covers, when you’re not in a good enough mood to let literally anything roll off your back

1. Some photos hung on the desk my dad made me, where I sit typing this now. 2. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be eggs benedict. 3. Exploring the CEPA gallery for a story and for fun. 4. I would desperately love to write the Bar Tab section in The New Yorker. They’re some of my favorite little entries.

Selfies, selfies, selfies! (And the best chicken and waffle sandwich I’ve ever had, and my favorite ice cream flavor: Lake Effect’s London Fog).

Ya girl is stepping out of her comfort zone and being on camera shooting video. Things I’ve learned about myself: I talk too fast, sometimes I sound a tad British (definitely the years of only watching Harry Potter,) and maybe I should apply a little powder to my face before going on camera.

1. Getting plants was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. 2. Eating Perry’s ice cream in an awkwardly uncomfortable position while Dan takes a photo. 3. Everyone’s new favorite Snapchat filter, including me. 4. Perks Cafe, I like your taste.

  • Feeling inspired to write, for yourself, at 2 am (or even better: 2 pm)
  • When someone brings you food or coffee
  • Feeling yourself getting more knowledgeable and open-minded the more you learn and experience the world

I’ll admit it, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best holidays.

Breakfast at The Grange with my lovely friend, Laura. This place has all-white walls, hardwood floors, bright lighting and is basically an Instagrammer’s dream.

Allentown’s public art gets me every time. A morning off spent wandering around.

The Albright-Knox’s latest exhibits are killing it as well. 1. One of my favorite paintings, I find it so funny. 2. Art, art, art. 3. + 4. If you’re in the Buffalo area, you have to see “We Wanted A Revolution: Black Radical Women,” it’s breathtaking.

  • The humbling moment after embarrassing yourself when you laugh about what you really just did
  • The never-ending daydreams in your head that simultaneously keep you focused and distracted, the stories your imagination creates all day

My newest wall decor, a Shark Girl pennant, hanging below the succulent wall my sister made me, cheering them on to live.

My pup came to visit!

  • Cuddling

You & Me – Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle (Flume remix)



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