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look ma, no hair!

90’s mom, 20’s flapper or 2nd grade me?

Not sure which I look more like, but I am thrilled to have finally chopped my hair off. My hair has gone through many phases, as hair does, from a short bob in elementary school to very curly ringlets in middle school to lower-back length curls in high school to medium-long waves in college, I just went for it. I have been wanting to chop it all off for years but something kept stopping me and now I’m thrilled with this new length. New hair, new me?

Probably same old me.

Things I can do now that I have short hair:

  • Not lose hair ties everywhere– my hair doesn’t fit into a hair tie (which makes me a little sad, to be honest).
  • Wear hats when I have a bad hair day– obviously, I could always wear hats, but the whole “having a bad hair day? Just throw on a hat!” thing doesn’t apply when your hair is quite long and looks bad in the lower half, not the part covered by a hat. Now I can fully hide my hair and go incognito, should I want to.
  • Spend extra time singing in the shower– I’m still getting used to conditioning my hair… how much conditioner am I supposed to use? Someone help me out here. Genuinely asking.
  • Straighten my hair– I never used to straighten it because I’m lazy and also, horrible at styling my hair, so it would take me forever and still look off. Now I can straighten my hair very fast (but let’s be honest I probably still won’t).
  • Wear wigs– I was eyeing up a bright green St. Patrick’s Day wig… should I go for it?

A little throwback 🙂

These photos were taken at the Outer Harbor and Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo. I spend too many days cooped up on a computer and too little time outside. It was nice to get outdoors and enjoy a few hours of fresh air. Photo creds to Dan.

Do You Realize?? – The Flaming Lips



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