[Photo Diary] Lumagination at Botanical Gardens

{Wearing: Free People dress, H&M black knit tights, Target over-the-knee boots (similar here)}

It’s always nice when you can find something else to do in winter that isn’t part of your day-to-day routine.

Winter can begin to feel monotonous, so whenever there is an event going on that I haven’t been to before I get excited. I checked out the Botanical Gardens over the summer and absolutely loved it. I originally thought it would be kinda boring but great for pictures, but my friends and I had a picnic outside the garden in the sunshine and then walked around, resulting in one of my favorite days of the summer. I truly didn’t even know it stayed open during the winter, let alone that they hold events, so it was cool to go at night and in the cold. While there was probably more there to do for kids, it was gorgeous to explore and take photos, and made for a chill Friday night. I would give Lumagination a recommendation, and if you do go, bring a camera or you’ll regret it.

As for my outfit, I got this black Free People velvet dress with the prettiest embroidery I’ve ever seen during an after-Christmas clearance sale. It was about 75% off and I loved it so much that I also bought it in red. That one I like even more, but it’s more of a spring/summer dress so I’ll make sure to debut it in a blog post around then. You know when you get a piece of clothing and you just instantly love it so much, you can’t possibly fathom getting rid of it ever? I’ll probably be wearing these dresses for years.

For a little life update, my semester started back up last week and I’ll get through it one hastily written to-do list at a time. My classes all seem pretty interesting for the most part, and a lot of the work is reading which is great for me, because I love reading and find it relaxing.

My unique semester stress “handling” techniques:

  • Running around the park, I find the colder outside the better when it comes to running, does this make me weird?
  • Strolling aimlessly around Target for an hour and walking out only having bought one single, lonely bottle of kombucha.
  • Drinking a health smoothie and eating a salad for dinner, then binging on broccoli cheddar soup and a 500 calorie brownie at Panera the next day. Balance.
  • Half-finished, overly ambitious to-do lists piling up in the notes sections of my phone.
  • Scouring the internet, reading strange articles for hours, only to end the session with a weird Buzzfeed quiz that was unsettlingly accurate, and having to stay up even later to finish the homework you were supposed to be doing all night.
  • Sleeping until the last possible minute to be one minute early to class after practically running there and swearing quietly in your car at the socially unacceptably slow car in front of you while NPR is blaring whale sounds in the background.
  • Calling my parents. Any hour of the day they’re so happy to talk, and I am endlessly thankful for that.

Do You Go Up – Khai

Love, Francesca


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