Toronto Christmas Market Photo Diary

Better late than never right?

The smell of mulled wine in the air, string lights twinkling between the buildings in Toronto’s Distillery District, well-dressed (and bundled) Canadian couples walking hand in hand. In December, a few weeks before Christmas, Dan and I drove up to Toronto for their annual Christmas Market. Neither of us had ever been before and I hadn’t even heard of it, but our friend Lucy told us about it and after seeing her photos and then googling it and finding out it’s one of the best holiday markets around the globe, we had to go.

Toronto is about a two-hour drive from Buffalo, which is really quite close considering all other big cities in the States are further than that and Toronto is much cooler than most of them (sorry Cleveland). Parking for the market was really easy to find and we got there earlier in the day so we didn’t have to wait in line for tickets, but when we left around 7 pm, there was a line of at least a hundred people, so get there earlier if you plan to go on a weekend. The whole place looked like the North Pole. As soon as you walk in, there are photo op spots, hot chocolate and mulled wine vendors, adorable little shops, (a shop that sells knit hats which turned out to be crucial to Dan, since we went on one of the coldest days of the year and this boy didn’t wear a hat). We ended up walking around the market for hours, being warmed up by whatever hot drink we had in our hands at the time and also loitering in shops for warmth, trying to conceal our drinks.

Overall, I would give the market a great recommendation and plan to add it as a Christmas tradition every year from now on. December was very busy with finals, so finding time for festive activities was hard. This market knocked out each festive Christmas activity on my holiday bucket list one by one, and all in one place.

The lines for dinner at restaurants were insanely long, so we opted for street vendors. I got this peanut butter, nutella and marshmallow waffle from the Wafel Bar. Eating very healthy, as you can see.

Pink Christmas tree photo-op? I’m there.

nice, of course.

naughty, of course.

To bundle up for the cold temperatures, I wore two additional sweaters under this thick turtleneck, as well as several thick pairs of socks under my over-the-knee boots. Okay, I could have probably used a coat..


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