17 things I learned in 2017 + end of year photo roundup

1 + 3 ringing in the new year with friends, dancing and laughing the night away. // 2. I heart snow // 4. Looking at art, wearing a beret.

2017… what a year amirite?

So 2017 is over. A year of ups and downs, a year of grinding and accomplishments, a year of realizations and self-discovery. A year of scary news updates and even scarier national conversations. Quite the year.

I have always done a new year post on this blog and I think they’re some of my favorites. While Jan 1 (or actually 5 since I’m getting this up late) is just a regular day, I like using markers such as a new year to reflect on the time that has passed and how my year has played out. The photos in this post are from the past few months, small glimpses into my crazy, busy life and the times I pull my dying iPhone out to capture it. Before I delve into what I’ve learned this year, I would just like to say a quick and sincere thank you to my friends and family for all the love and support and fun memories over the past twelve months. It’s been a good one. Without further ado….

17 things I’ve learned in 2017:

  1. Watching sports doesn’t suck all that much… and watching sports with friends can actually be even, dare I say, fun. As long as there is chicken wing dip involved, of course.
  2. AP style (lol almost).
  3. Just roll with it.
  4. The “nothing good happens after 2 am” rule from How I Met Your Mother is not always true. Sometimes the most fun times and best conversations happen after 2 am. But sometimes, you really should just go to bed.
  5. My favorite line from a book this year: “If you’re bored at 19, leave.” Life is fun, interesting, exhilarating… don’t waste it.
  6. Slow down.
  7. Listening to NPR and BBC in the car on the way to school is an amazing way to hear the morning’s top news stories. Scrolling through Twitter and reading articles all day is a wonderful way to stay informed. But when you have lots of homework due, stories to write and you’re pretty stressed, it’s best to just play some John Mayer and put your phone down.
  8. If you feel yourself changing, don’t run away from it, embrace it. You don’t have to stay the same person your whole life, it’s okay and healthy to evolve.
  9. No one is forcing you to do anything.
  10. Take those gummy vitamins every day. Are they really doing anything? Probably not. Do they make you feel better? Yes.
  11. There are few bad moods cuddling won’t cure.
  12. Try to at least have bread, milk, cheese and cereal at all times. Bonus points for fruits and veggies. And ice cream.
  13. Read more books + less tweets.
  14. Say yes to opportunities and be ready to learn.
  15. Airbnb is so cheap and great and you should use it all the time.
  16. If you meet someone who makes you laugh and who you never want to stop being your best friend, keep hanging out with them.
  17. In 2018, please I’m begging you, buy comfier shoes.

Catching up with my two favorite twins in the world, Laura and Lily at Rowhouse. Coffee, pizza, soup, hats, couldn’t go wrong.

Freezing our butts off at the Bills game. Yes, that is a broken table in the background. No, I didn’t go through it.

Shots from the Toronto Christmas Market. Extended post on this soon because I made Dan take lots of pictures of me and don’t want to waste them. Twinkling Christmas lights and mulled wine vendors were everywhere, it was magical.

1. I saw an ad on Facebook for an Urban Outfitters tapestry on sale. Within 24 hours, it was on my wall. If that’s not 2017, idk what is. // 2. Movies are better when they’re in old, beautiful theaters. Saw Elf and a movie about Vincent Van Gogh. // 3. First big snow of the season… it has not stopped snowing since I took this photo. // 4. Popcorn, cuddles, movies on my laptop since I don’t have a TV.

1. The National was awesome. // 2. Snowy selfie // 3. Mr. Goodbar framed the article Dan wrote for them and I think that’s pretty cool. // 4. Various knick-knacks arranged in an Instagram-worthy manner.

I love ice skating, hot chocolate and these two girls.

1. Coffee // 2. Same coffee, different angle. // 3. More coffee? // 4. Mirror pic. This collage doesn’t make a ton of sense, my bad.

1. Friendsgiving. The food ended up being excellent, real proud of everyone. The mac and cheese I made ended up being too frozen to eat at a reasonable time but hey, I tried. // 2. + 3. Thanksgiving in Middleport. Food also excellent, as expected, my dad rocks.

1 + 2 I picked up this oversize sweater dress at AMVETS and have been living in it. // 3. Also got this coat at AMVETS. // 4. Hi again Laura!

1. More selfies, no one is surprised. // 2. I voted, voting is super important, it was 100 years of women’s right to vote so that was awesome. // 3. More friends, more sports! // 4. I bought Bills merchandise with my own money. See I told you I like sports now.

A wonderful weekend in Lake Placid. New favorite place to go. Gorgeous, crisp, amazing hiking and amazing to clear your head.

An impromptu trip to NYC for a cool conference. Dan suffered through two long bus rides for me. We both suffered through an Airbnb host who likes to feeds pigeons in the shower. We also had loads of funs with our cousins, enjoying Halloween in Brooklyn, and enjoying the city.

More NYC pics. Already ready to go back.

1. Momma and I. // 2. Beautiful flowers Dan got me when I was stressed about school deadlines. // 3. A gorgeous succulent wall art my sister made me for my birthday. // 4. More leaves


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    You are amazing and this is amazing 😍❤️

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