Life Lately: A Weekend in Lake Placid + Prepping for Winter

Nothing like the great outdoors.

This past weekend, Dan and I went to Lake Placid and the Adirondacks with his family. It was beeeautiful. The semester has been stressful and my never-ending to-do list was getting to me, so this little trip into the mountains was much welcomed. Well I love going on short hikes and the Adirondacks are only around six hours from Buffalo, I had never been before. My family has driven through them on the way to NY many times but not nearly the same as actually visiting. The air is clearer, the views are prettier and the hiking is great. We went on a 10-mile hike to Avalanche Lake and when we set out, I really thought that I would be dying by the end and not able to keep up with everyone so when I made it, I was pleasantly surprised. Conversation and picture-taking along the way definitely made it better too.

As for what I wore (because that’s part of the fun), I finally got some practical winter boots. Yay maturity! I am infamous with my family for ruining my nice, suede ankle boots in the winter because I refuse to wear clunky, useful boots. Halfway through winter, after my ankles have been windburn and covered in snow and salt too many times, I usually give in and get some cheap boots for the rest of the season. This year, I have decided to actually mentally and physically prepare myself for Buffalo’s six-month-long winter.

Things I’ve gotten that prove I am participating in winter and finally becoming a mini-adult:

    • Sorel winter boots – They’re half-rubber, half-leather, clunky and stylish in a lumberjack kind of way. (In all seriousness, I really do like them). After walking around campus and the city in my little ankle boots, hiking 10 miles in these soft, cozy boots is downright comfortable in comparison.
    • Massive puffer coat – You know I love my thrifting. The other day, after a very successful walk through AMVETS, I found a huge, navy puffer coat. Puffer coats are another one of those pieces that I have a love/hate relationship with. On one hand, they are really, really, really warm. That’s indisputable. But on the other hand, they are not nearly as cute as my wool peacoat! Maturity wins again and I have gotten an oversized puffer coat to layer two sweaters and a blanket scarf underneath. Campus wind will not get the best of me this year!
    • Sports!! hat – Cozy pom hats are my jam in the winter so you don’t have to tell me twice to buy one, but this is more of a “participating in Buffalo” kind of thing. I have succumbed to my fate as a Buffalo Bills (casual) fan. Yes, I watch at least 50% of each game in between browsing my computer, talking, sleeping, making dollar bets to try to make it more interesting and eating. So I think that counts as a fan…sports!!
    • Oversized, cozy sweaters – I have yet to find any kind of material item I love more than a comfy sweater. Every year, I try to give my sweater collection a little remix. I’ll give away or donate ones I don’t wear anymore, and scour the internet and thrift stores for new additions. Some of this year’s favorites include the Free People sweater from my last post, an old Gap wool sweater I thrifted and a couple Patagonia fleeces. Patagonia’s are quite expensive and one of the main reasons I decided to invest in one is because I listened to the How I Built This podcast with the founder, and he seemed like a really great guy who treats his workers well and has built a great company. So when they went on sale, I pounced on it. I got a burnt orange and blue one for my birthday and recently bought the one I had been eyeing for a month or two because it was around 65% off. (Both are still on sale if you’re looking to buy one)!

Coming Home – Leon Bridges

Love, Francesca 


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