3 unique ways to transition long summer dresses into fall

{Wearing: sweater: Free People, dress: Kimchi Blue purchased at Second Chic, boots: Nordstrom Rack, belt: thrifted, sunnies: Half & Half Clothing Co., bracelet: my mom’s closet}

If you’re like me, you buy long maxi dresses in the summer and say “I’m going to wear this all the time!” … and if you’re like me… they hang in your closet forgotten all season until suddenly the leaves are falling and you realize you never got a chance to wear that dress you had to have.

Fear not! Maxi dresses aren’t just for summer, contrary to popular belief. Thanks to their length, they’re actually the perfect dress for fall as well, as long as you add a few layers.


Can you really enjoy fall if you’re not cozying up in your favorite sweater? One of my favorite ways to transition dresses into cooler weather is to add a giant sweater and tall boots. This outfit is actually really warm (possibly a bit too warm for this rare 70 degree October day) and the sweater adds a bulky, layered look that sets the outfit apart. In a sea full of flannels and riding boots, you want to be a little different, no?

I recently got this wonderfully enormous Free People sweater and it’s already won over my heart for the favorite sweater in my closet. Free People is always worth the splurge, I wear everything I have from there all the tine. I had been looking for the perfect oversize turtleneck for a long time and not to be dramatic, but I think it’s the one. Not too long but long enough? Check. Creamy color and thick knit pattern? Check. Turtleneck that isn’t suffocating or dragging? Check. (I’m a lil in love).

Where I’d wear this: shopping around the city, a pumpkin patch, a fall date.

{Wearing: dress: c/0 TOBI, jacket: Calvin Klein purchased at Second Chic, scarf: thrifted, scrunchie: Free People}


This mauve flowy maxi dress is a killer in the summertime but with a few accessories and a leather jacket it would be perfect for a fall night. Mauve is a great color to choose when buying a maxi if you’re looking to get longer use out of it during the year because it’s a fall/summer color. Maxi dresses are a bit new to me but after receiving this TOBI dress I think I’ll be styling them more and more. Elevate the look and add a bit of originality with a silk scarf around your neck. Neck scarves are my favorite trend to come back in a very long time and they add a touch of chic to even the plainest of outfits.

Where I’d wear this: fall music festival or concert, going out.

{Wearing: dress: c/o TOBI, necklaces: Second Chic, heels: Lord and Taylor}


Insert five heart-eyed emojis for this dress. Obviously, this dress is quite formal and probably won’t get to see the light of day too often since I don’t go gala-hopping much (okay fine, never) but boy, is it beautiful. Another mauve dress, this one is a gorgeous length and color for a super fancy event. I kept the accessories minimal because the dress is the statement, but I chose a couple vintage necklaces to fill the space of the deep v-neck.

Where I’d wear this: anywhere formal, dinner/event, wedding (check the bridesmaids’ dress colors first hahaha) chilling on the couch.

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Love, Francesca


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