Business Casual: Taking on the menswear trend

{Wearing: Tank and pants from Target, thrifted neck scarf, booties from Nordstrom Rack}

Ah, tweed, a classic and instant style upgrade.

Menswear-inspired clothing never truly goes out of style but it’s back and bigger than it’s been in a long time for this fall. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of tweed trousers since early high school when one of my old favorite bloggers rocked them effortlessly on her blog. However, they weren’t easy to find in stores and even with countless trips to the thrift stores I could never find a pair that fit. Fast forward to recently when Target released their new collections and seriously upped their game and I finally found them.

Are they particularly flattering? Not really. Do I maybe look like I should be going to an old-timey business meeting? A little, but kinda what I’m going for. The combination of tweed and oversized trousers has classic fall written all over it. Styling these, however, has proven to be a little tricky.

I must say, I’m a sucker for oversize on oversize. I know this goes against every Vogue rule there is but those rules were made to be broken. The truth is, oversize trousers and an oversize top can be a very stylish and cool look when done correctly. My tip? Accessorize and own it. If you’re going for a very 90s oversize look then go all out and accessorize with a cute scarf, jewelry, and shoe. I usually would wear a heeled boot to lengthen the leg and put my hair up to not add extra weight to the look. For this look I went for a classic velvet, black tank which proportionately balanced well. (It was also 90 degrees outside). Next time, I’m going to try an oversized cream sweater and see how it works, will keep you posted.

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala

Love, Francesca


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