Business casual: summer to fall transition 

{Wearing: thrifted vintage dress, A New Day (new Target line) blazer, misc. buttons, vintage neckscarf used as belt, vintage necklace from Second Chic, Photos taken in Delaware Park by the most adorable and best human ever Laura Wright}

Last week I was wearing a chunky knit sweater, jeans, booties and a jacket and I was still freezing. This week I’m wearing this tiny dress and was sweating all day. Welcome to September in Buffalo.

Transition dressing can be tricky especially when you leave your house in the morning and it’s 50 degrees then by mid-day it’s around 80. This is most challenging when walking all around campus, going from an excruciatingly hot classroom to one with the AC cranked up much too high, sometimes it feels like no matter what you put on in the morning you can’t win.

I actually got this dress at least a couple years ago while I was thrifting and it has hung in my closet ever since. Maybe that’s the inner tomboy in me, but boyfriend jeans and humongous sweaters are my *shit*. And while I love dresses and live in them all summer, I usually stick to pretty flowy dresses or ones with high necks and long sleeves. It’s not even a modesty thing, I think I’ve just read too many Parisian style books about how “simplicity is key” and “always dress like you’re too cool to care.”

But alas, I transitioned over my closet from sundresses to giant sweaters too soon, and the weather decided summer wasn’t over yet. So I looked over the few dresses left hanging on my clothing rack and decided to give this one a try. My idea was business casual, so I would add this boxy blazer over it to add structure. It was too hot and I wore the dress by itself all day and let me tell you now I remember why I don’t wear dresses like this anymore: harassment. It is not okay to make women feel uncomfortable, period. We should be able to wear whatever we want without feeling like people are sexualizing us. Just leave the girl alone. A guy actually followed me around the park, bothering me and I had to leave, not okay. The park has always been my safe place, where I escape between classes and go for walks to clear my head, and usually I’m pretty unbothered. But today was not one of those days and every time something weird happened it just made me want to curl up in my huge gray sweater and leave and this is not a way people should be making women feel.

But anyways, I already wrote one gender equality rant this week, so back to fashion.

I was going through my old blog posts (so many cringe moments, a few aww moments, and quite a few laughs) and remembered how one of my favorite parts about this blog and fashion, in general, was being creative and taking risks. While they don’t always work out, it’s pretty awesome when they do. For my Style Watch column for my school news org, I always feature students with different outfits, ones that they clearly thought about or stand out from the usual slew of similar ensembles. This is the best part of personal style. Not only is it a reflection of your taste and how you present yourself, but it’s also a physical manifestation of your creativity. It’s one thing to be able to keep up with trends and spend money on clothes, it’s another to put them together in a way that is unique to you.

I’ve written a lot about personal style. It is by far the most interesting part of fashion to me. I could care less about designers, brands and trends. An outfit that is less trendy but is unique to a person is so much more interesting than what is “in” at the time.

Tip of the day: neck scarves are amazing and I will wear them forever and they double as headbands and belts.

Love, Francesca


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