Life Lately: End of summer + back on the grind

JOHN MAYER CONCERT // John Mayer is my absolute favorite music artist of all time, I know every word to every one of his songs, and I did not stop singing for 2 and a half hours straight. It was amazing and the best concert I’ve ever been to.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve used the phrase “back on the grind” over the past two weeks I wouldn’t need to be grinding anymore.

Summer is officially over and my next college semester has begun. I’ll spare you the “I’m so busy” rant and just say this semester will be a crazy but highly productive (and fun) one. I’m now news editor of my school news org which I absolutely love doing, but it is quickly consuming my life. At least I’ve found a field I really love. Writing news, finding stories and talking about news incessantly.

Now that my nights consist of snuggling up in bed with my laptop surrounded by homework, textbooks and fall-scented candles, here’s a look back at last half of my summer, which was quite full and quite fun.

1. Shakespeare in the Park – don’t care too much for Shakespeare but love picnics in the park and quietly talking the whole time while people can’t hear me so this was very nice // 2. Yoga at the Outer Harbor (so relaxed, so nice) // 3. Spent a lot of peaceful time at Rushford Lake // 4. I love the drive-in because I can talk and sleep during the movie and eat lots and lots of goldfish and popcorn

1. I tried to read more this summer, like everyone says every summer… I would say I did moderately okay at achieving this goal // 2. Second Reader used book shop // 3. My cozy bedroom // 4. My favorite style books + dirty chai latte

APARTMENT LIFE 1. Magazine collage I made in my apartment // 2. Cotton candy skies from my porch // 3. Favorite cafe (also Superman themed) right by apt. // 4. Ice cream w/ friends

1. My bffls 4 ever 😉 // 2. + 3. Enjoying the waterfront // 4. Boating with friends at Rushford

Yay for little shows! 1. + 2. Cobblestone Live, a small music festival in Cobblestone District // 3. Blink-182 @ Artpark (so moody, so angst) // 4. Won free tix to Declan Mckenna at Rapids Theater

FOOD 1. Loaded milkshake @ Hertel Poutine & Cream // 2. Avocado toast @ Organic 3 cafe (such a millennial) // 3. The best thing on the menu, clearly, @ Mes Que // 4. Cheap + great Mexican take-out

BUFFALOVE 1. Public Library // 2. Pretty intersection // 3. Pretty Hotel Lafayette // 4. City Hall

1. + 2. + 4 Getting all fancy on the roof of Curtiss Hotel // 3. The key to a girl’s heart is to give her your jacket (despite what Kelso thinks) // grape juice

Glen Edith coffee in Rochester // adorable + delicious coffee shop

Some of my favorite outfits, been actually wearing black lately so maybe this fashion thing is growing on me. // 1. thrifted Lucky Brand dress // 2. Free People overalls // 3. vintage top w/ black flares // 4. why am I so obsessed with neck scarves

Party in a warehouse by Rise Collaborative // very fun + they played my request (Mr. Brightside) as soon as I requested it, amazing.

Outer Harbor ft. Dan + doggies

Always missing my mom + dad so family time is the best time

Spent last Saturday at the art galleries // 1. Not my favorite painting but the lighting was good for a pic so you do what you gotta // 2. Sharkgirl is pretty funny // 3. Gallery wall (literally) // 4. This painting was called “perfect recipe” or something and I thought it was amusing

Spent Labor Day with my beautiful friends having brunch and walking in the park

Back on the grind! 😉 //1. Rockwell Hall // 2. Lunch on the museum steps + it felt like Gossip Girl // 3. Spotted: more neck scarves // 4. Campus


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