Spend the day in Buffalo: Brunch, Ice Cream + Shopping in Elmwood Village

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This past Saturday, my friend Taylor Flynn of Succulents and Sunnies and I had a fun day out exploring our home city, trying new places and of course, shopping. Taylor’s actually from my hometown and went to my high school, and now that she’s in the blogging network it’s been great getting to know her again. Blogger friends are the best because they love adorable places and taking pictures as much as I do.

We began the day with brunch (would it really be a blogger’s day out if we didn’t have brunch?) at Breadhive, a newish cafe/bakery we’ve been dying to try. Breadhive is located on Buffalo’s West Side, and is a worker-owned cooperative, so the workers own the company, as well as smaller investors throughout the city. They bake all their bread from scratch using locally produced flour and use ingredients from local farms on their sandwiches. Breadhive has an extensive sandwich list. Taylor got a delicious breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese and I got an apple, brie and fig sandwich. I absolutely love breakfast food, so it takes a lot for me to choose a lunch option, but whenever I see something creative like apple, brie and fig? I gotta try it.

As you can see from the above photos, the atmosphere is adorable as well. Atmosphere is usually just as important to me as the food, I love a good ambiance. They have bread themed photos art lining the wall (so does Panera Bread but Breadhive’s is much more charming) and even their mandatory choking safety sign is hand-drawn and the heads of the people in the diagrams are replaced with bread. No, I’m not joking. The New York Times quoted the owner describing the decor as “upscale Cracker Barrel.” Personally, they are much cuter than any Cracker Barrel I’ve ever seen.

We sat outside on their patio for a little bit, but since the weather decided it was fall for a weekend in the middle of August, it was actually too cold and we finished out cold brews inside. Next, we went shopping.

We stopped by the The Peddler, Elmwood Village’s flea market, held every Saturday morning of the summer to see if there were any goodies. This flea market has anything from old antiques, upcycled furniture and decorations, artisan items, and for lack of a better term, completely random junk. I love the variety and thankfully wasn’t carrying a lot of cash on me because I’m a sucker for flea markets and found too many things I wanted to buy, including those re-purposed burlap pillows. Maybe next week.

peep that burlap bag I’ve had my eye on forever…someday

Next we walked to Anna Grace, a beautiful upscale clothing boutique. Anna Grace has great quality clothes, cool brands and a style that’s both trendy and classic, something that’s surprisingly hard to achieve. They also have adorable accessories, and perfumes and candles that smell incredible.

Taylor bought a gorgeous long-sleeved black dress with lace detailing and I left empty-handed, but took this cute picture so I was happy with just that. 🙂

We walked to Second Chic, my favorite store in Buffalo, next to see if we could score some thrifted deals. I’ve mentioned Second Chic countless times on here, they’re a consignment shop that never fails to have the best items. I’ve found so many gems at Second Chic over the last few years, and my most recent acquisition is actually not a thrifted piece of clothing but this little “Buffalove” pin.

This pin was made by Stitch Buffalo, a company that employs over 55 refugee women in the city to embroider beautiful garments and accessories. They take secondhand clothing, stitch gorgeous, intricate patterns on it, and sell them at local boutiques. Not only is it a way for refugee women to make money through fair wages, but they also get time to socialize with other refugees and people and a chance to assimilate into American culture. They’re basically the coolest company ever and I’m a huge fan and super excited to be able to support them. They’ll also embroider any piece of clothing to your liking, so if you want to bring in a dress or bag and have them make a specific design, they’ll be happy to do it for you.

Our next stop was Fern + Arrow, another favorite of mine. They specialize in accessories, jewelry, home items and books. You pretty much couldn’t go wrong with anything in here. This is the perfect store to check out if you’re looking for birthday or Christmas gifts for anyone. Their cards are completely unique  and there’s one for any occasion (even post-election blues) and any of their little items make the perfect gift, for men and women.

I’ve passed Scoop Shop Consignment countless times and somehow had never gone in until Saturday. They had an adorable trail of shoes leading up to the door that must have registered in my subconscious as a sign to finally check it out. It’s a small, quaint little consignment shop with good prices. While I didn’t find any clothes, in the dressing room I noticed a hanging shoe organizer stuffed with little scarves, and just randomly grabbed one to try on. I ended up loving it, wore it the rest of the day and kept receiving compliments on it.

Last shopping spot we checked out was Half and Half. Last summer, Half and Half came under new ownership and the store was redesigned. I loved the old store too, and my favorite pair of jeans is actually from there. But the new Half and Half sure is gorgeous. Their clothes are very trendy, and while expensive, they do have some good sales. What I love most about Half and Half are their accessories. I’ve gotten a very cute pair of sunglasses and hat here that are much more unique than stores at the mall. They also have a whole room full of home decor and an extensive men’s section, complete with a belt of only Buffalo Bills logos. That one was a little excessive, but everything else was nice.

Lastly, we ended the afternoon with a little ice cream and public art. I’ve been dying to try out Churn, Lloyd’s new soft serve shop. All I can say is: yummmmmy. Since Hertel is now home to three new craft ice cream shops, and I live there now, it’s a little hard to not eat ice cream all the time. It was a great treat though and we walked it off a bit while walking down to see the latest addition to Buffalo’s public art, this beautiful and colorful buffalo.

Check out Taylor’s blog, Succulents and Sunnies, for food and drink inspiration, city guides, and lifestyle. She’ll also have a blog post up of her takes from the day so stay tuned for that. Also follow her on Instagram @tflynn457!!

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