Overalls at the Botanical Gardens

{Wearing: Free People Overalls (similar here), Old Navy tank, Born in California mules, assorted jewlery}

Hi y’all! I’ve had the Botanical Gardens on my summer bucket list for the past couple summers. I finally made it there yesterday with my two favorite people, Laura and Lily, and let me tell you – it was worth the wait.

The last time (and only time) I was here was for a 4th grade field trip. The only thing I remember from that field trip is my nerdy self trying to impress the tour guide by asking about “chrysanthemums” because I thought it was cool I could pronounce¬†chrysanthemums. Just a glimpse into my very nerdy/competitive at the weirdest things childhood self.

Back to yesterday- the Botanical Gardens are beeeeauutiful. We brought picnic blankets and snacks and set up shop right outside the greenhouses, in a public lawn area. Since we went during the day on a Thursday it wasn’t too packed and it was perfect. After we were done roasting in the heat (if I’m being honest, it was much too hot for these overalls) we decided to get even hotter by walking around the greenhouses. They have different greenhouses for each kind of plant, with a cactus room that was reminiscent of A Series of Unfortunate Events (reptile room, anyone?) that freaked me out a bit but I also loved. They had a Japanese garden, a room full of medicinal plants, and so much more. Favorite part is definitely the giant atrium. Can’t beat that view. I always thought the Botanical Gardens seemed a bit overdone for weddings but now I 100% understand the hype.

As for my outfit, I already exposed that it probably wasn’t the perfect choice given the heat, but since when have I ever dressed correctly according to the weather? I’ve had these overalls for a couple years, here’s a throwback post of the first time I styled them in the middle of winter. While I don’t wear them as often as I should, they’re one of my favorite statement pieces I own. They were a little pricey from Free People but I’ve found that every Free People or splurge item I own I wear constantly and always looks better, so my new shopping resolution is to really focus on just investment pieces. It’s hard but I’m going to try.

P.S. I’ve had about four different hairstyles throughout these photos- major props to who can spot them all.

I forgot I¬†started this thing where I end each post with a son a while ago and randomly stopped doing it so I’m bringing it back again. Here is a song I highly recommend that I can’t stop/never want to stop listening to.

Still Beating – Mac DeMarco

Love, Francesca


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