Denim Shirtdress + Brown Suede Mules

{Wearing: Lucky Brand shirtdress (thrifted from Second Chic), thrifted hat, Mules from Shoefly, Old Man Craftmansship bag, Necklace from Everything Elmwood, assorted bracelets}

Happy hump day!!

My apartment still doesn’t have wifi, fingers crossed for Friday, so I’m sitting at the nearest cafe writing this post. I think it might end up not being so bad, not having wifi. If I come here I can have iced chai tea lattes and people watch, two of my favorite things.

If you’re wondering where I found all of this beautiful ivy (I love ivy, I know it’s bad for buildings or whatever but it’s gorgeous so it gets a pass), these photos were taken in front of the Shirt Factory Cafe in Medina. I feel like this cafe has been mentioned on my blog quite a bit, but it’s one of my favorite cafes and their outdoor patio is completely adorable during fall and summer. Not to mention it’s in a sleepier town, which is perfect for outfit photos so people don’t stare at me like I’m a weirdo. Maybe I am a weirdo, but they don’t have to stare.

I thrifted this dress recently and it’s already one of my new favorites. I’m a sucker for a good shirtdress. They’re extremely versatile, can transition from season to season and are super comfy which is always a priority. This one is made of a heavier denim too so while it isn’t as good for hot summer days, it’s perfect for cooler summer evenings. The weather here hasn’t been too hot (knock on wood) so I’ve already been able to wear it a couple times. To change it up, next time I might add a scarf or a belt, and maybe some heeled sandals or booties.

As far as the shoes go, I would like to formally announce that I’m a huge fan of the mule/slide-on trend coming back. Very 90s, very great. Not only are mules easy to wear and walk in but they also seem to match everything. I’ve yet to put on an outfit that these didn’t fit. I’ve also recently acquired a pair of vintage black Calvin Klein black platform slip-ons (much harder to walk in) that look exactly like the one’s Lizzie McGuire’s cartoon bitmoji thing wore, and let me tell you I was too young to wear these kinds of shoes when they were last in, so I feel like it’s fulfilling some sort of childhood daydream. And also I’ve tripped about 5 times in them already… life can’t be perfect. 🙂

Love, Francesca


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